The PlexusMC Store

Welcome to the PlexusMC Store. Here is where you can buy some awesome things that can be used in game at play.plexusmc.net.

Currently the only packages that are purchasable in the store are those for the Survival Server. As that is the main server Plexus is currently running. In the future more will be added, as more servers are added to Plexus.

But what is PlexusMC?

PlexusMC was originally started in 2017. The goal was to make a server that is unlike all the others in Minecraft. Minecraft has (and still is) currently a game that is ran on money. Servers will pop up in a few days, the owners will spend thousands on advertising and get a bunch of people joining their inadequacy servers, where they can pay money to get to the top. Plexus Is different to this in many ways. The server is made for the players here, made as a fun players people can come to after a stressful day at work/school and play with some of their friends among the rest of the Plexus Family.

The end goal of PlexusMC, even though It's quite far-fetched, is to completely changed the outlook on Minecraft servers for the better, change the ways people go about running them and in-turn greatly increasing the Minecraft Communities enjoyment of servers. The other thing about Plexus that makes it unique, other then the extreme attention to detail and the magnification of experience of the players, is the story. Plexus isn't only a server, it is much more then that. For those who decide to try and figure out the story behind the name, you are in for a wonderful journey. For those who don't care about the story it isn't forced on the player at all and you can continue playing the server just as anyone else would.

The reason for this store is because a Minecraft Server costs alot of money to run, Plexus alone has about $400 worth of Paid Plugins just running on the server itself. Plexus is also hosted on the best dedicated server you can host a Minecraft server on, running on a i9 9900k with 128GB of RAM to ensure the players have the best experience possible. You might think it is overkill, though you haven't seen the rest of what Plexus has to offer.

Once the server store makes more then it costs to run the server, then the hard working staff will get some presents. Some of the staff have probably put in hundreds of hours of work into the server to make sure players have the best experience possible, and They deserve as much as I can give them.

If anyone has any suggestions for the server at all pop onto https://discord.plexusmc.net/ and Meet some of the Family there. We are a slowly growing community of caring and compassionate people playing Minecraft and Would love to see you join us for the ride.

PlexusMC Survival 5.6 - play.plexusmc.net